Retirement Planning

Retirement should be something to look forward to not being concerned finally,

We help individuals (both PAYE or Self Employed) or Companies, to understand the options available and allow our clients to make the best possible decisions to assist them in their retirement years or “fun pot”.

Whether you wish to look at options of retiring early or taking your salary more Tax efficiently it is worth talking to us.  Our clients range from the largest pension funds in the country to small bespoke clients requiring specialist service.

For those individuals or companies with existing Pension arrangements, the two factors we feel are paramount to review is in respect to costs (as there is a big variation between providers and what banks/brokers charge) and the funds invested in. Both of these can, and should, be reviewed regularly. At Alpha Wealth we provide this service completely free of charge and without any obligation on the individual or company involved.

Our Services include:

  • A full review of your Financial Requirements ensuring that your retirement package is tax efficient and fits in with your financial plans and expected outcomes.
  • Projections for all clients showing them the expected Benefits at retirement and reviewing this annually to ensure they are on target.
  • Explaining what contribution levels are available and the most appropriate vehicles to use.
  • Up to date advice on the timescales and options available at retirement.
  • Advice on consolidating pensions from several schemes into one, and dealing with plans from previous employment or paid up personal pension schemes.
  • How to use AVCs (Additional Voluntary Contributions) up to the last day of employment to increase the retirement pot.
  • How to maximize the tax free cash at retirement and investment advice relating to these funds.

Talk to one of our expert staff members and start planning your future today!

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