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Protection is the most important part of financial planning. It is the practical way to ensure that if the worst were to happen , your family would have sufficient money to maintain their lifestyle.

Many people do not realise the financial impact that an unexpected serious illness, injury or premature death can have on a family. The unfortunate reality is that Irish families are stuck by these events every day and the impact can be significant and long lasting.

Having a protection plan in place is an effective way of providing peace of mind knowing that you have protected the people and items that are most important to you.

LifecoverMaking sure you and your family are covered for the unexpected.

“Over 50% of adults who have children have no life cover at all.”

Why might you need cover?

  • Lifecover – To protect dependants.
  • Mortgage Protection – For those with Mortgages or looking to effect a Mortgage, ensuring the mortgage is paid in the event of premature death or sickness. See more HERE.
  • Serious Illness – To protect for the nasty things in case they happen.
  • Income Protection – Protect your most important assets (This will ensure you continue to earn your wages even if you are unable to work for a period of time).

But I have Insurance?

“Over 90% of people have the wrong Level of Cover & 60% are paying too much for their cover.”

We encourage everyone to review their arrangements every year for 3 reasons:-

1. Paying too much for the cover they currently have (we reduce the price NOT the cover).

2. Their circumstances have changed.  Examples here are:

  • They have changed jobs
  • Had (more) dependents
  • Bought (or extended) a house
  • Kicked the smoking habit (since they took out plans)
  •  Work benefits that are not factored in and thus may be over-insured
  • Having taken cover out to protect children who are no longer dependent on them

3. They haven’t availed of relief’s such as Tax relief on lifecover

Cover is cheaper than you think – Cost starts at €12.50 p.m.

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