Investment Philosophy

Alpha Wealth Financial Advisors Investment Philosophy in Cork

Alpha Wealth Management Investment Schemes

At Alpha Wealth Management we want to help you develop a financial plan to reach your financial goals with our Investment Philosophy.

Alpha Wealth feels it is important to provide our clients with access to regulated and well-diversified investment funds of varying risk & reward levels which are comprised of global equities and other asset classes and have a track record of delivering consistent returns over the long term.

Alpha Wealth Advisors Work for You

In some instances, we may also look to add extra levels of diversification, tax efficiencies and protection against inflation to a portfolio by seeking out opportunities which look to provide a return from alternatives, real assets and Tax-Back investments such as the Employment Incentive Investment Scheme (EIIS). These investment opportunities can help yield high returns, helping you reach your financial goals.

Financial Advisory & Investment Services Just For You

Although we believe firmly that a well-diversified financial portfolio weighted to global equities and other asset classes will yield long-term returns, we also appreciate that some clients may wish to embark on a ‘smoother investment journey.’

In these cases, Alpha Wealth can also provide exposure to low-risk investment products and services and capital-protected investment products.

Alpha Wealth fund managers also feel it is vital to provide ongoing updates and advice to our clients along their investment journey and that investment plans are adjusted accordingly through one’s financial life cycle.