The Value of a Financial Advisor

The value of a Financial Advisor can be the value of an investment or something that you cannot quantify, such as happiness. Financial Advisors help you manage your wealth and allow you to forge a clear pathway to financial independence. While the do-it-yourself approach can be fun and give you a sense of control, it may translate into lost savings and a reduction in potential profits.

I often question where that 10 euro went and the sad thing is: those 10 euros add up over time. Here is a list of three reasons highlighting the value of getting financial guidance. (Free with Alpha Wealth)

  1. Offering a More Competitive Market: The life companies and investment providers are much more competitive with regard to price, product design, investment performance and service than they would be if you dealt with advisers who are tied only to them and if you approach them as an individual.
  1. Tailored Financial Plans and Strategy: A Financial Broker will take time to get to know you, your personal circumstances and your financial goals. Your Financial Broker will conduct a “factfind” to get to know you and your requirements and develop a strategy that meets your goals. Assessing the risk you are comfortable with, is also pivotal in understanding the level of potential return and loss which you will accept. Devising a plan for you to gain financial independence is the end goal of the advice that you will receive.
  1. Actively Managed Accounts: “Wouldn’t I be better off just doing it myself?” Realistically when it comes to money, you are better off getting the best advice available. A good financial advisor will not only advise you on the best plan, but also monitor your accounts to make sure they are performing well. Unfortunately this is an area where most people lack the relevant knowledge to manage their own finances.

Be sure that when you take the step to seeking out a financial advisor that you find one that will do the best work for your situation, whatever it may be. Our ethos is to save you money, make you money and to ensure that you are protected in the event of the unforeseen.