The Brexit Parodies

It had to happen people. The hilarious video parodies have already begun about Brexit and we can expect more to be on the way.


The first one was added by and is my personal favourite.

Here’s the footage of David Cameron announcing his resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.



I’m not sure if everyone is a fan of Monty Python, but if you know who they are, you’re going to know the ‘Life of Brian‘.

Seriously though, what did the EU give the UK? This one was posted by Chris Southall.



It’s the most parodied film clip in history, but it still has not lost it’s charm.

Another Hitler reacts video posted by ‘Steve C’ on You Tube and entitled ‘Boris Johnson’s HQ as the EU referendum result comes in’.



‘WTF is Brexit?’ from Foil Arms and Hog. This is an update of an earlier sketch they did before Brexit, the situation has become a little more unclear since…


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