Jar of money labelled savings depicting a plant growing from the jar. This represents how you can strategise where you save to make your money grow

How to Save Money: 5 Tips to Maximise Your Savings

In today’s uncertain economy, getting the most out of your money is crucial. One of the easiest ways to improve your financial well-being is to …

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Image of young, gen z, male adult sitting at a table in front of a laptop with a card in his hand, considering his finances

4 Expert Tips for Gen Z and Millennials to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

For the third year in a row, research shows that the cost of living is the top concern for Gen Z and millennials. Deloitte’s 2024 …

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The Essential Guide to Financial Planning in 2024: Insights from an Irish Qualified Financial Advisor

As we embrace 2024, many of us are returning to normality, making it a perfect time to reassess our financial landscape and financial planning. Whether …

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Your pension, Your Future-Key Considerations When Leaving Your Job

Planning for retirement is a crucial aspect of financial stability, and joining a pension scheme early is a prudent step toward securing your future. However, …

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Tips on building a nest egg to achieve financial freedom

Building a Nest Egg: Tips for Financial Security

Easter is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start fresh than by building a nest egg for your financial future? A …

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Top Financial Challenges for Young People Today

In today’s world, young people are facing challenges in planning their financial futures. Many lack formal education in managing their finances and assume that it …

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How To Save €30,000 In 4 Years Using the Tax Relief Scheme

Are you interested in saving €30,000 in just 4 years to reach your short-term financial goals? In this blog post, we will break down what …

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Saying ‘I do’ to saving for your wedding

saving for your wedding

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What Is The Best Child’s Savings Account In Ireland?

Best Child’s Savings Plan With regards to child savings here is some information on the Best plan offering much better returns than the Post office/Credit Union …

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Starting a Zurich Savings Plan

Why join the Alpha Savings & Investment Club
Check out the Zurich funds we recommend

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What is inflation

Inflation – What is it?

What is inflation? Essentially inflation is the decline in value of a Currency ie € and the increase in price of good and services. A …

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Cashback offers may not lead to best mortgage deal

If you are in the mortgage market, there are four categories; first-time buyer, non-first time buyer, investor (buy-to-let), or a switcher. Different rules and criteria …

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