The Essential Guide to Financial Planning in 2024: Insights from an Irish Qualified Financial Advisor

As we embrace 2024, many of us are returning to normality, making it a perfect time to reassess our financial landscape and financial planning. Whether …

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Unlocking Your Financial Future: The Hidden Benefits of Pension Tax Relief in Ireland

When it comes to saving for the future, many people overlook a hidden gem that exists in the Irish tax system – tax relief on …

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Our Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Effective Financial Plan 

At Alpha Wealth, we understand that managing your personal finances can be a daunting task. However, creating a financial plan is a vital step in …

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Top Financial Challenges for Young People Today

In today’s world, young people are facing challenges in planning their financial futures. Many lack formal education in managing their finances and assume that it …

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How to be financially savvy in 2023

How to Be Financially Savvy in 2023

As we enter the new year, it’s a good time to reflect on our financial habits and make a plan for the year ahead. Being …

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3 reasons why you should break up with your financial advisor

3 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Financial Advisor

Not every relationship is a “fit,” and sometimes people have to break up. This happens in all walks of life, sometimes business partnerships and personal …

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Cryptocurrencies – Is now a good time to buy the dip?

Why the sudden collapse? Cryptocurrencies have seen big sell offs over the last number of months, since the highs in November last year.  However in …

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Saying ‘I do’ to saving for your wedding

saving for your wedding

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Starting a Zurich Savings Plan

Why join the Alpha Savings & Investment Club
Check out the Zurich funds we recommend

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Cashback offers may not lead to best mortgage deal

If you are in the mortgage market, there are four categories; first-time buyer, non-first time buyer, investor (buy-to-let), or a switcher. Different rules and criteria …

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Saving tips this Christmas

Is it too early to mention the C word? That’s right guys, like it or not, the time has come for you to start thinking …

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The Ups and Downs of my Career

Having graduated with a Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, I began my Career in 1995 as an Investment Banker. Twenty two …

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