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As a multi-agency broker, Alpha Wealth provide exposure to an extensive range of personal, pension & company investment options, consisting of, but not limited to the below. Please contact us at or to discuss a more broad range of opt

BlackBee Watersedge Bond 2024

– Stable underlying income
– First Legal Charge over assets
– 3 year investment term
– 4.5% Per Annum Coupon

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Global 85% Progressive Protection Bond

  • Investment strategy linked to the Fundsmith Global Equity and PIMCO Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Funds
  • Continuous upward only capital protection feature, ensures a minimum repayment of 85% of the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) ever achieved
  • Open-ended investment with daily liquidity & pricing, no fixed investment term, no early encashment penalties
  • Redeemable daily at the option of the investor and also the issuer
  • Dual asset active management strategy aims to generate stable returns in a wide variety of market conditions
  • This is a low risk (15% max capital at risk) investment product (SRI Risk Score 2 out of 7)
  • Guarantor: Société Générale
    (Moody’s A1/ S&P’s A/ Fitch A+)
  • Minimum Investment: €10,000

Protected Stoxx Global ESG Leaders Bond II

  • 5-year investment term.
  • Potential returns of up to 50% linked to the Stoxx Global ESG Leaders Diversification Select 50 Index.
  • At least 100% of investor capital is returned at the Final Maturity Date if the index is flat or positive.
  • Low risk investment (SRI level 2).
  • Guarantor: 80% Capital Protection at Maturity is provided by Societe Generale (Moody’s A1 / S&P’s A / Fitch A).
  • Issuer: SG Issuer (the flagship issuer of Societe Generale).
  • Minimum investment: €10,000
  • Closing date: 16th April 2021

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