Structured Products

As a multi-agency broker, Alpha Wealth provide exposure to an extensive range of personal, pension & company investment options, consisting of, but not limited to the below. Please contact us at or to discuss a more broad range of opt

Global 85% Progressive Protection Bond

  • Investment strategy linked to the Fundsmith Global Equity and PIMCO Global Investment Grade Credit Bond Funds
  • Continuous upward only capital protection feature, ensures a minimum repayment of 85% of the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) ever achieved
  • Open-ended investment with daily liquidity & pricing, no fixed investment term, no early encashment penalties
  • Redeemable daily at the option of the investor and also the issuer
  • Dual asset active management strategy aims to generate stable returns in a wide variety of market conditions
  • This is a low risk (15% max capital at risk) investment product (SRI Risk Score 2 out of 7)
  • Guarantor: Société Générale
    (Moody’s A1/ S&P’s A/ Fitch A+)
  • Minimum Investment: €10,000

Protected Stoxx Global ESG Leaders Bond II

  • 5-year investment term.
  • Potential returns of up to 50% linked to the Stoxx Global ESG Leaders Diversification Select 50 Index.
  • At least 100% of investor capital is returned at the Final Maturity Date if the index is flat or positive.
  • Low risk investment (SRI level 2).
  • Guarantor: 80% Capital Protection at Maturity is provided by Societe Generale (Moody’s A1 / S&P’s A / Fitch A).
  • Issuer: SG Issuer (the flagship issuer of Societe Generale).
  • Minimum investment: €10,000
  • Closing date: 16th April 2021

Social Housing Series 2 2023

BlackBee has identified a unique strategy to invest in social housing by targeting an existing stock of older or nearly complete blocks of residential units which require refurbishment or completion of fit-out. Following completion of the finishing renovation works, which will be undertaken by an experienced residential property developer, the units will be let on long term leases to Local Authorities. The leases will generate stable 25-year income underwritten by the Government and provide ideal characteristics for sale or restructuring as long term investments.

Investors will benefit from a first legal charge over the underlying assets. A loan-to-value covenant of 85% will be applied throughout the Investment . The Investment will aggregate a portfolio of 100+ units which is expected to result in yield compression and also prove attractive to long term income- seeking investors. The primary focus for exit is through a portfolio sale to a Social Housing Fund

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