Pick Your Personal Finance Day

Many of us experience anxiety and stress over our finances on a regular basis. Whilst many of us have money things arise as the week progresses, you can usual move monthly due date for bills. From this day onwards, go ahead and pick one day a month to be the day that you catch up on all your financial needs.

As financial advisors, we know that having a single day a month where you deal with all your finances makes you stress less, helps you get everything done at once and ensures you plan better. Imagine that? 29 days stress free. Pick one day a month, always the first or last day and review everything. Use your laptop/computer or write down by hand every Euro that was spent. Choose the categories based on your core spending areas. Total everything up and you’ll find out where the money is going and if it needs to be spent in that area.

Once you’ve gotten into a regular routine of paying all your bills, double-checking your budget, and making any changes you need on the same day, it will be hard to forget. This is a fantastic day to look through your bills and see if you can reduce them. Ring companies and try to get better deals and learn how to budget small spending. It will eventually become second nature. Most importantly, we are inclined to forget things if we don’t have a set date to review our finances. Get a notepad write down what you need to check and do it on that day. A personal finance day on the calendar will put your mind at ease and you know exactly when you need to deal with all of it.

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