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Here’s How Alpha Wealth Can Help you Plan for a Comfortable Financial Retirement

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At Alpha Wealth, we offer personalised retirement planning advice, tailored to your specific situation. As an impartial broker with agencies with over 11 insurance providers Our process includes:

  1. Assessment: We start by assessing your current financial situation, retirement goals, and risk profile.
  2. Review: We review your existing or current pension plan(s) including from previous employments to understand its suitability for your retirement needs.
  3. Starting (or restarting) a Pension: If needed, we assist you in starting a new pension plan that aligns with your specific requirements.
  4. Handling the whole process: We provide look after all aspects from start to finish and make this pain and jargon free.
  5. Tax Benefits: We discuss the tax advantages associated with all the different types of pensions to optimize your Tax savings.
  6. Retirement Strategy: We explain how you can effectively draw money from your pension plan typically from 50 years of age onwards.
  7. Annual Reviews: To ensure your plan stays on track with your objectives, we conduct yearly reviews.

Which Pension is Right for you?

A PRSA is a Personal Retirement Savings Account.  It is a way of helping people save for their retirement. It is a long-term savings plan which allows people to create a pension fund for themselves when they retire. A PRSA is a flexible retirement savings solution that is suitable for self-employed people, employers and employees and for Company Directors the plan of choice.

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Occupational pension schemes also known as company pension plans, are typically set up by employers to provide retirement benefits for members in the form of pensions, other taxable payments and tax-free lump sums within limits set by Revenue. Many pension schemes also provide death benefits payable to a member’s dependant on the death of a member.

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If you are self-employed this type of pension might suit you but is becoming less common. Most personal pensions policies are insurance policies.

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Additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) are contributions that you can make in addition to your normal contributions to an occupational pension scheme in the public or private sector to increase your retirement benefits. AVCs are a defined contribution pension arrangement provided for your scheme usually by an insurance company or specialist pension provider.

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Auto-enrolment is a new pension savings scheme for employees who are not paying into a pension. They will be automatically included in the scheme but can opt out after 6 months.

Auto-enrolment is expected to be introduced in January 2025 and we are recommending for any employees who are higher rate taxpayers to avoid this as you will lose out substantially.Under the scheme, the employee, employer, and Government all pay a certain am ount into the employee’s pension fund starting at 1.5% and increasing to 3% in 2028.

The National Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings Authority, administer the Auto-enrolment scheme. The scheme will be supervised by the Pensions Authority.

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A Personal Retirement Bond (PRB) or sometimes called a Buy Out bond is a type of pension policy transferred from a company you leave. There are advantages of this that you have more control of your pension and earlier access option from 50 years of age.

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