Digitize or Die

”Survival of the fittest is not the strongest but the one that can adapt best” – Darwin

Now more than ever, adopting digitization in the workplace is essential for survival. Considering that the COVID-19 situation is evolving expeditiously it is increasingly unlikely that business practices will ever return to normal once the virus is contained. Social distancing has become the new norm and industries are set to change forever as new priorities has led to shifting demands from consumers. In particular, the financial services industry where we were heavily reliant on face to face meetings.  The mantra ‘’innovate or die’’ has never been more pertinent and we had to adapt quick and adopt a digital culture to remain competitive.

Innovation is an essential element of Ireland’s overall economic development policy and is central to maintaining competiveness in both global and domestic markets.  A study from Microsoft revealed that 80% of Irish SMEs are not as digitally shrewd as they seem to think and 48% are concerned about not keeping up with technological advancements. We believe it is crucial that SMEs overcome transformation anxiety and prioritise investing in digitalisation.

Similarly to most companies we adopted the use of video call for online consultations with clients. We had to familiarize ourselves with new software called DocuSign to manage electronic agreements which offers eSignature, a way to sign electronically on different devices. At the beginning this was all very difficult but we can’t emphasise enough how overcoming transformation anxiety has helped us throughout this difficult period. We have made use of Webinars and offered free financial advice clinics to specific industries which has helped us build relationships, connect more deeply with our audience, and most importantly help those who are in need of financial advice.

Webinars are extremely cost effective compared to other marketing tools and hosting a webinar is a great way to generate content for your company’s online presence. Webinars are more about teaching than presentation. The biggest benefit to webinars belongs to the audience. That’s because the way content is explained in a webinar is really much, much more intimate than it could ever conceivably be in other kinds of presentations.

The pandemic has led to us exploring new avenues and webinars have certainly been a positive aspect of that. However, we are almost coming to the end of webinar series with only two remaining. If you would like to attend our next webinar on Wednesday July 8th you can register here. The series comes to an end on the 15th of July where we will be discussing how you can save 40% off your Tax. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on (021) 206 1780 or contact@alphawealth.ie

Wednesday, July 8th – https://alphawealth.aidaform.com/financial-advice-webinar

Wednesday, July 15th – https://alphawealth.aidaform.com/tax-back-investment-options-registration-form

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