Consumers are saving more during lockdown

The latest Bank of Ireland Savings and Investment Index shows that slightly more people were saving regularly in the second quarter of this year amid the Covid-19 lockdown. The study revealed that Irish consumers have poured money into their savings accounts since the beginning of April. The BOI Savings and Investments index also outlines that consumers regarded the lockdown period as a very good time to save. Considering that the vast majority of shops were closed and travel expenses were reduced significantly due to the 5km travel restriction, this helped the savings index rise to its second highest level since 2017.

The lockdown period clearly had a profound effect on the mind set of consumers as about 55% of people now think it is a good or very good time to save, up from just 38% in the first quarter. 32% of consumers felt the lockdown period was a good opportunity to invest compared to 23% in the first quarter. Kevin Quinn, Bank of Ireland Investment Markets, said the challenges and difficulties we have faced as a country in the past quarter have been met with great resilience and it appears that this is reflected in how we view our finances also. Kevin also highlighted the significant increase in our optimism about retirement. ‘’Perhaps a consequence of people having had time and space to reflect on their futures, there has been a growth in optimism about what life can be like in retirement,” he noted.

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