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CaptureHard-working, creative and valued employees and business partners are the most powerful assets available to any business. That’s why it makes sense to protect against the loss of certain key members of staff, bolstering your company against the financial and operational fall-out of such an event. Alpha Wealth offer independent advice on the best methods to ensure that you and your company are effectively protected in the event of the unforeseen.

We all need to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the financial problems that follow serious illness and death. As a business owner, there will be additional concerns if you were to fall victim to either, be it the benefits you are entitled to in the case of serious illness or the future running of the business in the case of your death.

Key Risks to a Business

  • What effect on your business would there be if a key shareholder or director passed away?
  • What would happen to your partner’s share of the business?
  • If your partner’s family inherited a share of the business, how would you feel about them becoming involved in the day to day running of the business?
  • How would your family survive financially if you were to pass away and the business couldn’t provide your family with a lump-sum payout or an annual income?
  • Would your company have the funds to buy out the next of kin share in order to retain 100% ownership of the business?

Why it makes sense?

Many small to medium size businesses are heavily dependent on the skills, experiences and business contacts of a few key employees/directors. The death of these could have devastating effects on the business. Therefore, one may need to consider putting Key Person assurance in place, i.e. life assurance on the Key Person with the benefit payable to the company.

Partners in a partnership are all personally responsible for all the debts of the business. If one partner goes bankrupt or fails to pay taxes, the other partners are liable for all the taxes involved. Therefore, partners should consider effecting Partnership Assurance, which is Life assurance to ensure that, on death, sufficient money will become available to enable the surviving partners to buy the shares of the deceased partner.

Business Protection Planning is a highly technical area. Alpha Wealth are dedicated to providing comprehensive, simple and straightforward advice to assist you and your company. We provide tailored specific solutions and a business protection package customised to fit your needs.

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