Business Clients

Safeguard Your Business’ Future with Alpha Wealth’s Strategic Financial Planning

Business owners are primarily focused on the growth of a business, but consideration must also be given to:

  1. Getting a better return for company money.
  2. Ensuring the business is protected if anything happens to key individuals.
  3. Ensuring that the business has provisions for the estates of Shareholders in the event of premature death.
  4. Tax efficient extraction methods for personal wealth.
  5. Pension planning for employees and directors.

Maximising Profits

Many Irish companies hold cash reserves on deposit or in a current account.

Such accounts have traditionally been seen as the best solution to cash flow and savings needs. This way of saving can be harming to a company’s income generation.

Why deposits can be an inefficient way to hold corporate money:
  • Today, deposit accounts are paying historically low rates
  • There can be a number of taxes due to a company when they save through traditional deposit accounts.

By way of direct investment companies are subject to unfavourable tax charges including:

  • Income subject to corporation tax of 25%*
  • Potential 20% close company surcharge
  • Potential 33% CGT on sale of direct investments.

By saving regularly with the option of also investing a lump sum, companies can gain access to:

  • Avoiding the close company surcharge
  • A varied fund choice, allowing you to spread company money in a way that suits your specific needs
  • Funds which target specific outcomes.

Business Protection

Ever thought about what would happen if you or your business partner passed away?

Business Protection provides a lump sum through a life policy so that the next of kin’s shares are purchased back by the remaining directors and thus allows the deceased family to be looked after while the remaining directors can retain control of the business.

Key risks to a business:

What effect on your business would there be if a key shareholder or director passed away?

  • What would happen to your partner’s share of the business?
  • If your partner’s family inherited the share of the business how would you feel about them becoming involved in the day to day running
    of the business?
  • Would you have the funds to buy them out and or be able to continue to provide their share of the profits on an ongoing basis?
  • How would your family survive financially if you were to pass away and the business couldn’t provide your family with a lump sum pay-out
    or an annual income from the business?
Advising employees on retirement & protection plans

We provide financial advisory clinics for all employees and give workshops, either one to one or in groups, as well as presentations to staff. We have done this previously for some of the largest companies in Ireland, such as VMware, Citco, PFH Technology Group and OtterBox

These include:
  • Financial budgeting
  • Protection and Insurance
  • How to achieve the best returns on savings
  • Reducing bank charges
  • Mortgages
  • Incentives to reduce tax.
Group Risk Cover

We provide group risk cover for small, medium to large companies and our independence allows us to achieve the best rates for companies across the market.


Death in Service.




Income Protection Cover.

Group risk cover allows companies to offer employees special benefits that will compensate their families in the event of death or disability. Life cover can bring employees peace of mind, as they know that their families will be looked after if they die.

*Dividend Withholding Tax is not deducted on dividends paid by Irish resident companies to other Irish tax resident companies.